Psychic effects



Effects of cannabis on hunger

The feeling of hunger is caused by the presence of THC in the brain stem.

The brainstem is the area of the brains locating in the vomiting reflex  . In acting on this area of the brain, it will inhibit that reflex.

 Furthermore, as it acts on the hypothalamus which plays an essential role in the mechanisms of sympathetic activity (water metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids) it stimulates appetite and causes a feeling of hunger.


THC and psychomotor reaction 

Cannabis also has effects on the coordination of movement and motor reaction and changes the reaction time: it reduces psychomotor reactions .

CB1 receptors found in the cerebellum area of the brain wich controls motor functions .

THC activates CB1 receptors found in the cerebellum: The release of neurotransmitters into the synapse is reduced. The nerve message that goes to the synapse is deleted or goes less well. So it causes many problems in the motor reactions .


Cannabis , eyes and blood pressure

The CB1 receptor is present in the visual system in the retina ( rod cells , amacrine cells , horizontal cells ) and in the anterior eye ( cornea , iris , ciliary body )

In the retina , the synthesis of anandamide is two times highter than in the rest of the brain . Presence of cannabinoids in this part of the brain is the cause of the intraocular pressure reduction .

In addition , THC in cannabis moderate vasodilatory effects which causes reddening of the eyes . A vasodilator is a substance that helps dilate blood vessels . This expansion has the effect of reducing blood pressure . This causes an increase in blood pressure .

Cannabis and heart rate

Cardiovascular manifestations vary in terms of the concentration of THC in cannabis.

Peripheral vasodilation explain the occurrence of hypotension because cannabinoids act directly on the CB1 receptors present in vascular endothelial cells .
THC also causes tachycardia in humans because it passes through the CB1 receptors expressed in the central nervous system .

On the short-term memory

Cannabis contains a psychoactives substance named tetrahydrocannabinol which have an effect on the central nervious system . Acting on the brain , this substance can cause confusions and blank of immediate memory .

In fact , tetrahydrocannabinol present in cannabis settle on receptors of the " anandamide" witch are present in the brain : cerebellum and midbrain . Cerebellum is the important brain structure located under the brain and behind the brainstem. These receptors have an important role in storage , espacially in the short-term memory . Term memory or short-term memory retains a small amount of informations of one-half second .

 Cannabis use in an individual's progressive loss of short-term memory : it affect the ability of the individual to grasp and assimilate informations . Numerous data have shown that cannabis use can cause dysfunction of higher cognitive functions that depend on the frontal lobes . They play an important role with the organize and the integrate of different informations , as in memory where they differentiate various structures and events .

 In spite of everything , effects on memory are relatively restrict compared to other drugs . In the long run , it will not hold memory and when cannabis consommation will stop , the person will have no problem on its capabilities to store . 



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